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My work as a director is a spiritual expression of the collective artistic experiences and influences that have made me the artist I am. Though my influences stretch beyond the walls of theatre, the theatre is my home. It is where I find solace to share radical ideas, with the intimacy and safety required to explore subjects that expose not only humanity’s truths but my own. Because theatre can also serve as home for an audience, my greatest mission is to create a theatrical experience that is intimate, spiritual and upholstered with magic. I often seek collaborations with playwrights who share my desire to place the stories of the socially marginalized at the center and expose how the cultural mores and ideologies of a historically unseen or silenced community can transcend and be the face of humanity. My goal as a director is to tirelessly probe the possibilities of theatre for a deeper and more meaningful engagement with my audiences.

THE AGITATORS - Geva Theatre Center
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