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In Lena: A Moment with A Lady, “The Lady” Ms. Lena Horne gets intimate on stage a la her farewell tour in 1980. Marking moments prior to her wildly successful one-woman Broadway show, “The Lady and Her Music”, Ms. Horne, played by buzzing star Syndee Winters (The Lion King, Pippin), takes her guests through emotional moments of her lifetime revealing herself through milestones and music she made popular through the ages.

“My life has been about surviving. It hasn’t always been about music, but maybe you can hear it in the music.” -Lena Horne

With direction by Logan Vaughn, Lena: A Moment with A Lady will invite, excite, expose, and enchant audience of all ages.

LENA: A MOMENT WITH A LADY Written & Performed by: Syndee Winters

Directed by: Logan Vaughn Winter 2016

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