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A Human Being Died That Night 

By: Nicholas Wright

Directed by: Logan Vaughn  

Location: Mosaic Theater, Washington DC

Performances: April 6 - 30, 2017

DC Metro

"There are so many memorable lines of dialog in this show: “The divide between good and evil is paper thin.” “Forgiveness is not forgetting,” And under Logan Vaughn’s exacting direction, each such text triggers its own cognition. But it is the small gestures that speak volumes—be it a tear covertly wiped away by Pumla, an itch unselfconsciously scratched by Eugene, or Pumla’s outstretched arm across the table. The healing drama is in the details."

Washington Post

"There is a moment when her hand grazes de Kock’s on the table, and it’s a fleeting shocker. Chamblee and Genebach measure such rare displays expertly: the tone of Vaughn’s production is never remotely sensationalistic or sentimental. It’s clinical, and grippingly inquisitive."

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